Picture: Our Cast of Characters

Although one maintains one does not know several of these personages, several of the others enter the social life of Fishampton with unnerving regularity.

Picture: Mabel


Artist's Model. Current residence: Bexhill-on-Sea. Favorite haunt: Cloakroom of the British Museum

Picture: Chatsy

Chatsy LeFleur

Friend to Mabel. Professional blackmailer. Current residence: Ex of Beecher Mews, currently occupying Dove Cottage, near the stables. Prefers cash to bon-bons.

Picture: Edna Thistle, Mrs.

Edna Thistle, Mrs.

Rival to the Lady Felicia. [Note from the Lady Felicia: She wishes.] Married: Badly. Age: Older than she looks, and that's saying quite a bit. Once very nearly engaged to: Sir Charles Grandiose. Favorite bodily fluid: Bile. Notable accomplishments: Loser, Sour Chutney and Prune Preserves Division of the Memoirs of the Raj Chutney Parade, twelve years running.

Picture: Anita Manceau-Baddley

Anita Manceau-Baddley

Fabulous friend to Chauncey Grandiose. Occupation: Chanteuse. Plays 'Sister Grim' in Revue des filles Hot! Hot! Hot!. Voice: Contralto. Much admired by: Sir Charles Grandiose. Notable Traits: Throbbing Adam's Apple.

Picture: Lord Frost of Locksley-Charmes

Lord Frost of Locksley-Charmes

Neighbour to Blandsdown. Favorite foods: Sausages and honey. Appearance: Dashedly handsome. Once courted: Lady Felicia Grandiose. Currently married to: Lady Tiffany, late of the San Fernando Valley.

Picture: Pierre DePue

Pierre DePue

Purveyor of Fine Literature (i.e. Spank Me, Thrill Me, The Schoolgirls of Knickers Hall etc.). Infatuated with: Edna Thistle, Mrs. Special Note: Obviously insane.

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