Picture: Our Cast of Characters

Their wages are, by and large, far too large for them. One will have no compunction in dismissing the lot should they not shape up.

Picture: Mr. V. Briceland

Mr. V. Briceland

Secretary to Sir Charles. Age: Old enough to know better. Education: Allegedly, though how he obtained those diplomas is a mystery, considering his general idiocy. Deplorable weakness that on occasion tempts him to exploit his connection with his betters: ABBA. Notable traits: Prone to shortcuts. Rather thick. Not all there, if the reader catches the drift.

Picture: Mrs. R. Peters

Mrs. R. Peters

Housekeeper to Lady Felicia. Age: Ageless. Education: Chez Fromage School of Cheeses and Cutlery. Previous employment: Cook to F. Wooster, Little Bumpford. Favorite kitchen item: The forty-two armed epergne.

Picture: Miss T. Shadforth

Miss T. Shadforth

Equestrian trainer to young Penelope Windsor-Smythe. Age: Youngish. Hair: Sun-kissed. Previous employment: Equestrian trainer to Alice Flyover, one hundred and forty seventh in line for the throne. Considers present position a definite step up. Hobbies: Elizabethan poetry, koalas.

Picture: Magister Artium

Magister Artium

Latin Tutor to Young Penelope Windsor Smythe. Age: Barely has a beard. Vigour: Boundless. Enthusiasm: Once astounding, but lately waning. Motto: Nullae satisfactionis potiri non possum.

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