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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters

Beatrice Bond



Beatrice Bond, that famed aviatrix of the headlines of papers worldwide, is a dashing looking woman with a short blond bob and a toothy grin. Her frame, angular and lean, seems more feminine in the aviational men's jumpsuit she wears...the original now imitated by hundreds of 'Bondflappers' across the land.

She is wearing a slight trace of paint on her lips, and although her cheeks are red, they might be so from the fresh country air.


Everyone in Poddington remembers the night two years ago when Beatrice Bond's Fokker T-2, 'The Windblown,' crashed on the village green during the DeWinter Winter Ball. She was lucky to escape with her skin.

Her exploits, which started at the age of 21 when she became the first woman to fly from Dover to Budapest, setting a time record that was unrivaled for several years, are all on record in all the papers--even her abortive attempt to fly over the North Pole generated newspaper stories for weeks after its failure.

Hundreds of young fans across the continent, termed 'Bondflappers' by the press, hold meetings to discuss the exploits of Miss Bond; they even wear homemade imitations of the men's coveralls she wears during her inspirational flights. Hers is a face recognised by the masses.

Other information

Note: Beatrice Bond is not a native of Poddington, but she visits frequently, and is seen with officials from London navigating the moors. It is rumoured she is on a top secret mission for them.