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Poddington-on-Slossip:  Logs
From time to time, we coax our players to share their roleplaying logs with us and a few other (million) people. 

Girl Talk
Wherein Sophie Bray, Isabel Allen and Emilia Penrose reminisce about men, geography and revolutions under the watchful eye of Widow Combe.

Wherein Emilia Penrose and Isabel Allen adopt a pair of ducks, much to the ignorance of their landlady, Mrs Twitterton.

The Boxing Match
Wherein Vicar Warrenton and Robert Treagle engage in a boxing match for love, honour, and the Children's Charity Fund.

A Pointed Conversation
Wherein Sophie Bray and Bunny Blenkinsop become vewy vewy good friends after an encounter in the college.

The Cherry Sisters
Wherein the Magnusson Players perform Anton Chekov's timeless classic on pathos, passion, and death by cough syrup.

The Vicar,s First Kiss
Wherein Vicar Warrenton kisses his true love, Prudence Buttock; and the consequences that follow.

Sex, Sex, Sex!
Wherein Murgatroyd Pip and Philippa Opie discuss Modernism, Nudism, and Great Hair.

The Facts of Life
Wherein the town's midwife tries explaining the facts of life to the butcher's wife.

A Bit of Paperwork
Wherein Vicar Warrenton discovers the miracles of alphabetical filing, much to the relief of Robert Treagle.

Grave Voices
Wherein Emma Smallwood and Diva Stedman use a planchette to summon the spirit of Emma's dead husband.

Jazz Baby
Wherein Vicar Warrenton's fears of Prudence Buttock becoming a jazz baby are laid to rest by Henry Litefoot.

A Secret Engagement
Wherein Diva Stedman becomes engaged to Henry Litefoot.

The Fire
Wherein Aurelia Braythwayt-Branscombe becomes trapped by the forest fire and is rescued by her guardian, Baron Malacourt.

More than Toffee
Wherein Prudence Buttock accepts Vicar Warrenton's marriage proposal; and the couple breaks the news to Prudence's sister, Honoria Buttock.

The Seance
Wherein a strange spirit disrupts Mlle Gravelle's seance and there foretells a dire fate for the village.

By Lovers Tree
Wherein Gars Northey and Marguerite Dewinter see something in the forest on All Hallow's Eve.

Two Widows
Wherein Dame Gregory and Emma Smallwood lay to rest their ghosts.

Down with the Poor!
Wherein a bearded chap speaks against scratchy undergarments, women, and the poor; and a farmer declares his intention to run for mayor.

Tennis Match
Wherein Isabel Allen has a few words with Myrra Birch.

Vows in Wine
Wherein Kit Godolphin and Isabel Allen meet in the village pub, and what transpires.

Look in Thy Heart, and Write
Wherein Vicar Warrenton turns to drink and despair, until Mariana Tibbles helps him write a letter to Prudence Buttock.

The Wedding
Wherein the postmistress becomes a baroness and a murderer confesses all.

Meet the Press
Wherein Rupert Vestige interviews Constable Jack Tremayne for the 'London Squawk'.

A Bit of Competition
Wherein Oswald Beauregard Bone and Roddy Rodda square off in the lending library.

Unwanted Kisses
Wherein Prudence Buttock's honour is sullied by the kisses of Agony Pascoe, plum farmer.

Havoc and Hussies
Wherein Oswald Beauregard Bone learns about concubines and Duncan Calius earns the displeasure of Joanna Twist.

The Misadventures of Belial
Wherein Vicar Warrenton and Trask Spinks swither around the Seventh Commandment.

Green Biscuits
Wherein Baroness Malacourt-Tibbles gives a package of green biscuits to little Jackie.

False Annymus
Wherein Old Molly throws an annymus into the Slossip, in contradiction of the ancient ritual, and the consequences that befall the village thereafter.

When the Director's Away
Wherein Robert Treagle and Isabel Allen audition for the Magnusson Players' production of 'Ralph & Julia', under the auspices of Directoral Assistant Murgatroyd Pip; and wherein Treagle possibly sacrifices his chances for theatrical stardom in order to save Miss Allen from the lecherous wiles of Pip.

A Bit of Crumpet
Wherein Diva Stedman offers Thomas Attwater a bit of crumpet.

The Male of the Species
Wherein Oswald Beauregard Bone and Thomas Attwater discuss bigamy, genetic destiny and the lower social classes.

The Pastry Competition
Wherein Alfred Monteth, George Banbury and Sandy Gotobed judge a row of tarts.


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