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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters


Poddington Project Writers
Below is a list of the characters of the Poddington Project writers. Before using these characters in your stories, contact the writers either via their email, or through the ONElist mail list.

Thomas Attwater -- An outsider

Elliott Banks -- A reluctant farmer

Myrra Birch - A student

Cressida Blenkinsop -- An heiress

Prudence Buttock -- A librarian

Prunella Chegwidden -- A beauty

Kit Godolphin -- A tutor of Magnusson College

Julian Inch -- A reclusive veteran

Jory Moon - A boy who doesn't quite fit

Jackie -- A foundling


Free Characters
You may use any of the following established Poddington characters in your stories without contacting their creators. Just follow the backgrounds and descriptions, treat them gently, and leave no marks for the next writer to spy.

Miss Bunny Blenkinsop - A student of sorts

Beatrice Bond - Famed aviatrix

Adam Bone - The butcher, father to Oswald

Fanny Bone - The butcher's wife, mother to Oswald

Oswald Bone - A precocious young man

Honoria Buttock - Prim crusader and God-fearing churchwoman

Dame Gregory DeWinter - Matriarch of the DeWinter estate

Miss Letitia Farnsworth - Librarian

Dr. Fergus Flynn - Don of zoology

Mlle Jeanne Gravelle - World-famous medium

Helen Gravenswood - Beloved old woman

Professor Hecubus -- A don of Magnusson College

Mrs. Lovett - Boarding house landlady

Philippa Opie - Impassioned young student

Agony Pascoe - Orchard owner, local hunk

Sugarbelle Harmony Perryman - A student, friend of Bunny Blenkinsop

Murgatroyd Pip - Fellow of the college, socialist, and nudist

Miss Pringle - College librarian

Mrs Diva Stedman - Tea house owner, gossip, and would-be psychic

Giles Stedman - Tea house devotee and ne'er-do-well

Vicar James Warrenton - Vicar and cricket fan