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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters

Sugarbelle Perryman



Although most of her tutors, put to the question, would reply, "Sugarbelle Perryman . . . you know, I've only seen her giggling behind her hands. I've no idea what she looks like!", the girl in question is really quite pretty, once she's not giggling, and you've taken the hands away from her mouth, and you've told her to mind her posture. Her eyes are unnaturally large, and her cheeks are like those of a chipmunk. Her hair is copper-coloured and curly, and the shade matches the freckles on her cheeks. She might not yet be a beautiful woman, but she might grow into her looks, given time.


Sugarbelle Perryman has an average share of brains for a girl her age, but plainly believes that college is merely a place for her to meet a man. She's majoring in literature because they've told her it's the easiest. It's known her father is something of a self-made success in the newspaper industry, and her mother is well known in charitable circles. She has earned a reputation at Miss Twitterton's as being game for nearly anything, and the resulting practical jokes have nearly gotten her evicted twice.

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