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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters

Myrra Birch



When in a crowd, Myrra Birch seems to stand out from the others. She is several inches taller than most of her peers, and her cropped fair hair snugly peeps out from under a cloche of dark green net with a design of gold and silver thread. Tiny amber and gold seed beads have been embroidered on the close-fitting cloche in a floral design.

Myrra wears a high-waisted dress of a mustard-coloured patterned chinese crepe, and wears a gorgeous gold and pearl pin of costume jewelry--or is it?--in the shape of a willow tree at the hollow of her neck. Her eyes are a langorous blue, and her flawless skin is slightly golden. She has applied pale powder and cream rouge circles upon her cheek-apples; her brows are plucked and penciled in thin arches; and her lips are painted very red, emphasizing the Cupid's bow of the upper lip, and de-emphasizing the width of the lower lip, creating a 'bee-stung' effect. Her stockings are made of an all-silk pongee and have back seams that emphasize the hemline hovering just above her lower calf. Both men and women acknowledge she is beautiful . . . and that she probably knows it. A half-smile perches upon her lips.


No one asks Myrra Birch about her family or her origins, more than once. That glance of hers stops questions more effectively than citronella stops mosquitos. But everyone knows that 'Daddy' is well-connected with the Right People. Her air and clothing bespeaks of wealth, certainly, and she has a 'fast' way about her that is as attractive as it is repellant. When she speaks, it is with a cultivated accent. But her fondness for gin and for jazz. . . .

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