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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters

Murgatroyd Pip



Sometimes at the country carnivals, the stalls have the sort of game where one tosses rings at a spike, or where one attempts to toss a dart at a mechanical duck. You know the sort of thing. Murgatroyd Pip looks like a grown version of one of the kewpie dolls they grudgingly give away as a prize.

His hair is ginger and swept up with pomade in what he fancies is a handsome curl. His eyes bug out slightly. And his neat suit, made of cheap materials, is slightly on the small side.

Still, he fancies himself attractive to the ladies, and is always willing to talk about his scholarly examination of the works of Sheridan LeFanu.


Never the sort of fellow to enjoy games and such, Murgatroyd Pip squeaked through a (very minor) public school by the skin of his teeth. Although excelling academically, he bore the brunt of the other boys' tortures.

After matriculation through a (very minor) university, he has decided that the life of the academician is the life for him. He is currently gathering notes for an exhaustive study of the works of Sheridan LeFanu at Magnusson College, and fancies that his monograph will have to be published in no less than seven volumes.

Murgatroyd is a perpetually undersexed fellow, and avows a hope to find a clean, tidy, organized girl without inhibitions to walk endlessly across the fields with while discussing subjects thought taboo by most repressed persons who consider themselves 'decent.' That is, Sex. And Nudism.

Mr Pip's chequered career as a play director has been hampered by his association with Philippa Opie, a young schemer who threw herself at him like a leech going after a...well, whatever leeches go after. Especially after she attacked him with a broken beer bottle in the Languishing Apple, like the screaming shrew she is, and got him falsely incarcerated.

Mr Pip's latest play, Hunger! A Musical Play By Murgatroyd Pip, starring the characters of The Boy, The Girl, Sex, and Queen Victoria, has been rejected by the Magnusson Players for a record sixteen times.

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