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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters

Philippa Opie



A British Clara Bow. Pale complexion, deep smoky smouldering eye makeup, tight cap of dark hair, chin length with cheek curls. Her dress is flat-chested yet stylish, of grey and green batiste. A bit over-dramatic for the locals, but she *is* an Arts Major at the College.


Philippa Opie is a bit of a flake. She likes to think she is 'ahead of the times', but to look at her, you guess that her parents were just glad to send her off away from Truro to the boonies. She is in her second year, studying Literature, and hoping that the College will open a Dramatic Arts department before she matriculates. She hopes to move to America when she comes of age, and become a famous moving pictures star.

Her college years have not been easy ones. She has (as one might politely state) 'gotten in with the wrong sort', and has had a brief, soured relationship with one Murgatroyd Pip. Not only has this friendship nearly gotten her expelled on at least one occasion, it has resulted in her overnight incarceration in the Poddington gaol on trumped-up charges of disturbing the peace. Philippa claims these trials have but served to 'Release the Muse', which really just means she's discovered an infinite number of painful ways to rhyme death-wish metaphors with 'Pip'.

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