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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters

Oswald Bone



Oswald Beauregard Bone, short of stature, is not the sort of child who is content to be seen and not heard. Oh no. He's heard all over the place. With his tousled mouse-brown hair, cherubic cheeks, and piercing blue eyes, he looks like any other child his age. But oh, when he opens his mouth and speaks in his lisp. . . .

Oswald is wearing a plain but sturdy coat, beneath which his mother has forced him to wear a bulky hand-me-down sweater. He looks somewhat like a small sausage. The less said about his boots, which he has apparently been using to slide on the ice, the better. Although his mother has optimistically stuck a hat into his pocket, he has forgotten to put it on. Again.

A round pair of spectacles sit on his little nose.


Oswald Beauregard Bone, the boy with the impossible name, attends school so rarely that were he not something a child genius, he would probably be pursued by the county officers for delinquency. His teachers, however, impressed by his well-above-average reading level and his seeming knowledge of even the most inconsequential trivia, leave him to his own devices. He can frequently be seen about the town, staring at people and telling them how they could do their business with more efficiency.

Oswald is rather famed for attending lectures at Magnusson college and hiding beneath desks, only to spring out when the lecturer makes an error and correct him with confident, if lisping, tones.

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