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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters

Dame Gregory DeWinter



There is a demeanour to the tall woman before you which screams Propriety. Standing at around 5'10", she is straight-backed and hard looking, with a face that looks chiseled from granite, ashen but not unhealthfully so. She has a charisma to her though, something which betokens a classical beauty which perhaps once flourished in her younger years, though now just reaching her seventh decade is diminished. Her hair is set up into a Victorian style, with a softness to it with its silver color; though a remnants of once ash-blonde hair is still visible.

Her full-length dress is of a late Victorian style, perhaps out of mode now, but for a woman who lived most her life during the height of the Victorian era it is stylish. A deep, burgundy color with many layers which reaches to the floor and then some, with sleeves past her wrists and a high neck line where is set a beautiful, onyx brooch. Also hanging about her neck are three, long silver chains, one with a pair of delicate spectacles, another with a slim, silver cross and the last a locket of some sort with now faded etchings on it. On her left hand can be seen her wedding ring, with a diamond reflecting her peerage, while on her right are two rings, one small and simple silver band, the other with a large onyx stone set in it. In that hand she holds a cane, made of a dark-stained cherry wood, which she appears to use to aid her walk, but also as an extension of both her arm and her tongue.


Dame Gregory DeWinter, nee Eleanora Collicott, is the matriarch of the DeWinter family. Widow of the late Lord DeWinter, she is known as a sharp woman who puts great store in her position within the English Peerage. Her progeny's faults she considers no one else's business, nor does she seem to even know they exist.

A recluse in her family's estate, Dame Gregory is rumoured to be sitting on quite a sizeable dower fortune.

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