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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters

Cressida Blenkinsop



The Honourable Cressida Blenkinsop is only slightly above average height, but somehow, with her boreal mien, gives the impression of appearing much taller. She is starkly colourless, and her hair, pinned up in waves and ringlets, appears more white than gold. Against the paleness of her skin, her dark blue eyes are cold, not warm, and as expressionless as the eyes of a shark.


The Honourable Cressida Blenkinsop may not be very well-liked among her
set, but as the young niece of the Prime Minister of Great Britain, the doors
of society have never been closed to her. For those with access to the London papers, it may be recalled that Cressida was appointed last year to the board of directors at Tegate House, an asylum for the well-to-do just outside of Poddington. She recently bought an abandoned house on Acorn Lane, ostensibly to be nearer to her sister, Eglantine 'Bunny' Blenkinsop, a student at Magnusson College.

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