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Vicar James Warrenton



If James Warrenton, vicar of the Church of St. Athenasius, were not wearing a clerical collar, he might find certain adjectives applied to himself. Adjectives like 'dishy,' or 'dreamy.' He's rather young, for a vicar, seemingly in his middle thirties or thereabouts. And his big blue eyes and curly brown locks do seem to reduce even the most determinedly married female to compliant jelly.

The vicar is a bit of a stammerer.


Mild mannered James Warrenton always seemed destined for a life in the Church. As a London child under the thumb of his social-conscious mother and his stentorian father, he learned the value of Good Works. Whether it was bandaging the wing of an injured sparrow, helping old ladies across the street, or collecting pennies for the starving children in Liverpool, James Warrenton was always attracting the condescending admiration of his elders, though not particularly of his peers.

When up at Balliol, however, James found himself admired not only for his attention to his studies, but for his natural athletic abilities. Despite taking a first in philosophy, he managed to play on many a college team sport. He still is nostalgic...some would say too much so...for those lost Oxford days.

During the War, James did his bit, serving in His Majesty's Royal Trombone Roistabout Band (as the ukelele soloist), lifting the morale of the troops often as far abroad as Brighton.

James Warrenton has only been vicar of the Church of St. Athenasius for a year, after serving his first post as rector in a tiny parish in Weston-Super-Mare.

He is known to be infatuated with Miss Prudence Buttock, though for some obscure reason he is under the impression that her name is 'Trudy.' Through some small miracle, he has managed to convince her to marry him in the indefinite future.

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