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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters




Small and wild and female. Wide-eyed and long-limbed and round-faced. A
young girl, with the spindly long-leggedness of one grown coltish, gazes
at a bewildering world with too-round brown eyes. It is a brown with
glints of green, should one look closely enough. The hair, in plaits,
long, and tending to elf-locks where it escapes about her face. The
face, oddly tinged, an olive hue over her paling skin. She looks to be
about twelve years old, certainly no older, though she's small, and
rather weedy-looking, all things considered. Over all this, a yellow
frock, rather a good colour for her, peeks out like a cotton flower from
under the hem of an olive-coloured coat.


A foundling. Since appearing shortly after the Annymus Festival, found
by the river with a dead boy, supposed by the townsfolk to be her
brother, she has lived with the Pickering twins, much to the surprise of
everyone else, and the chagrin of some who feel that perhaps it is not
the best environment for a young girl to live in. At first she barely
spoke English, but instead could be heard to utter an odd tongue, which
sounded like nothing identifiable, though some mistook it for German --
and her for a German spy!

After some time living with the Pickerings, she has learned the
language. None could say she is particularly communicative, however; but
then, look at who her teachers were. She is accustomed to wandering all
over town of her own accord, and also into the countryside. It is also
well-known that she has, on more than one occasion, disappeared into
that countryside for extended periods of time, causing much anxiety in
her guardians.

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