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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters

Honoria Buttock



Tall, whip-thin and ramrod straight, Honoria Buttock is the spinster chairwoman of the Temperance Reform Organization of the Ladies League Of Poddington on Slossip. As such, she carries herself with an aloof air, peering down through her no-nonsense pince-nez at the rabble of society around her. Her hair is swept back severely into an unadorned bun, and her skirts are long, dark, and unrevealing. A crisply ironed white pleated bodice and an exquisite cameo at her neck are the only hints that this woman takes any pleasure in her appearance apart from complete utilitarianism.


Honoria Buttock has come a long way from her ignoble lineage. Born the eldest child (by a long shot) of a well-bred, yet somewhat wanton woman (the erstwhile Lady Anne of Flews) and the Beckwith-By-Sea town constable, Harrison 'Harry' Buttock, she followed the example of her mother, and threw herself into work for social betterment. At first, assisting her father in the town gaol, she soon grew weary of the same stream of good-for-nothings coming and going in the one cell like weekly clockwork. As a young woman, she stumbled upon her father having a 'wee dram' with one of his gaol regulars, and her course was stayed. She would not fall into the evils of human vice. She would be straight and tall. She would not fall by the wayside like an unwanted tare amongst the wheat of good breeding. She would Make Something Of Herself. That time would soon come, for, not soon after her father disappeared (some said suicide, some said tricksy faeries, some said he got while the getting was good), her mother died in childbirth, and she was left as the eldest heir of the depleted Flews fortunes. Leaving her infant sister to be raised by their nurse, she tried distancing herself from any family contact, installing herself in Poddington, where she has resided at 25 Market Street since the turn of the century.

Since her sister has come of age, Honoria finds herself reluctantly sharing her home with Prudence, though she treats the poor woman more like an indentured servant than a sister.

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