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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters

Miss Pringle



To look into the spectacled eyes of this woman is to be instantly reminded of every overdue library book you have ever had in your life. When you regard her rigidly pressed hair, tied into a bun in the back, you think of every book spine you have ever cracked.

Miss Prunella Pringle is dressed in a prim tweed suit so crisp that when she walks, it crackles. Her expression brooks no nonsense. When she speaks, it is with a slight Teutonic accent.


Everyone on the Magnusson College campus knows and fears Miss Pringle. It is she that shushes the loudest, within the confines of the Magnusson Library, and who holds the only copy of the rare book room key. Although the Dean has long ached to have a copy of that key himself, he dares not ask Miss Pringle for one again. Not after the first time. The faculty are still talking about that incident, and the paper cutter has never been quite the same.

Miss Pringle is notorious in her dislike of students. She believes that Magnusson College would be better off without them altogether, and has indeed written several memorandum to the Dean to that effect.

Other information

Abhors the women of the college, dons and students alike.