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Poddington-on-Slossip: Characters

Dr. Fergus Flynn



Looking more like a moving picture star than a laboratory-shackled professor, Dr. Fergus Flynn cuts a dashing figure. With his broad shoulders, and trim physique, he appears to not lack from exercise, and most likely is not the type of scientist that spends long hours either in the library or peering through the monocular lens of a microscope. Wavy dark hair is kept in place with a faintly spiced pomade, and he sports a most stylish pencil-thin moustache.

Black collegiate robes cover his garments, and on his head, the mortarboard of an Oxford don. His hood is blue silk, edged with red, and pointed with three silver tassels. Down the sides of his robes, white clouds bespeak a recent stint at the chalkboard.


Unwittingly, you overhear the excited gossiping of two co-eds from Magnusson College...

"...well I've got Introductory Anatomy with him this term, and I *swear* I break out in a dew each time he looks up from the blackboard..."

"He was on sabattical last year. Off debunking phenomena in America, and I got Old Sweeny for Anatomy. What a run-up that was. You're so lucky!"

"He's old enough to already have had a sabattical year? Why, I thought he was barely old enough to be a graduate reader..."

"Oh yes. He's almost 40. And due, if I do say so myself, to start looking for a suitably educated mate..."

(Much giggling and whispering...)

"The locals, at least the men, they don't like him much, do they?"

"Well, they're a bunch of superstitious fuddies, they are. And they don't like it that us girls are getting educated. His classes are always over-full, you know. And mostly with co-eds."

"I know I'd take *anything* he taught... (sigh)"

"Me too. My sister took his 'Science and Rational Thought' course two years ago, and said it was the high point of her year."

"Promise not to tell? I pretended I needed help with my 'Aviaries and Apiculture' term-paper, and got an after-hour interview in his office! Just the two of us!"

"NO! What was it like in there?"

"Well, there were lots of books, and he had a collection of blurry old portraits of a woman and a little girl on the sideboard with the brandies, and he had at least three framed certificates on the wall, but otherwise, I only saw him. What a dreamboat..."


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